Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Pick It! We Pot It! You Got It!

The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer's new "You Pick It-We Pot It" service is an easy way to give someone something special without even getting your hands dirty. It's also a great way to add seasonal color to your own surroundings. Simply fill out the menu sheet with specifics like: lighting conditions, color preference, and size, and the hard part is done for you! You can even have it delivered!
Louise Anderson, of Tybee Island, had us do custom window boxes for her home which will be featured in the Tybee Tour of Homes this November. Your home doesn't need to be on a tour in order to take advantage of this time-saving service,though. Is company coming to town? Are you celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding? Do you just want your yard, deck, or patio to look like it belongs in a magazine?

The planter below is one of two made for Jan Hiltzheimer, also of Wilmington Island. She was very happy with the results and can be confident that her neighbors will not have the exact same thing. (Unless of course they're trying to copy off of Jan!haha) Our You-Pick It We Pot It service also allows Jan the option of having seasonal changes made to her containers for a lesser fee!

Don't think that this luxury is only for people with deep pockets either! Ten inch custom pots are only $19.99! So, come on over to the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer and place your order today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Bright Idea For A Center Piece

This beautiful center piece was created by Leigh Ebberwein, of Wilmington Island, using plants, gourds, and a stylish lantern from Hester and Zipperer. Great job, Leigh! Not only does it give the height she wanted, but the individual pieces can be used elsewhere in the future. This makes it attractive and cost effective!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creepy Crawly Links

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Our 2007 Fall Festival Is A Big Hit With Customers

The weekend of October 6th and 7th the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer hosted its fabulous Fall Festival. The excitement included a few crucial elements to a wopping good time.

We were so excited that we decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. We were told time and time again how our costumes matched our personalities.

All of you came out to help usher in a new season,and based on what you bought, your yards should be looking pretty amazing by now!

In fact,some of your kids grew old while they were waiting for you to finish shopping.

The Fall Fest isn't just about shopping though! It's about enjoying the nice weather,

singing or cheering a happy tune,

and just having a good time. We took so many pictures. I was growing old posting them on this blog. So, we will feature photos throughout the season on this blog.

We thank you so much for making our festival so successful. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Post Fall Fest Post

We're all very tired. Stay tuned for the Fall Fest Recap. Anybody have any Icy Hot or Bengay?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Customer's Mulch Question Answered

Mulch is a gardener's best friend. It helps retain moisture,keep weeding down,and can add organic matter to the soil. Garden centers sell it by the pallet, and customers can never seem to get enough.There are also sources for free mulch such as landfills,from our own trees,and generous neighbors. So, the decision regarding where to get your mulch involves some consideration.To help weigh the options, I consulted Dave Linvell,an agent for the Chatham County Extension Service. I wanted to know whether concerns over fungus,bugs,or weeds were warranted when taking mulch from the Wilmington Island dump and other similar places?

Dave points out that it is not a yes or no question. As an informed agent of the County Extension, he acknowledges that the previously mentioned concerns are a possibility, but adds,"I use it all the time without a problem. If those situations were to arise, they could easily be addressed." He continued by saying that the mulch at the dump is free, and equivalent organic matter purchased in the store can be expensive.

I agree with Dave that if any bugs,weeds,etc. were to occur,it could be handled pretty easily. It is my experience that customers often have uninformed fears about bugs in particular.What must be understood is that just the presence of bugs does not mean that they are a danger to plants or humans. Examples are some ants,earth worms,Lace Wings,and Ground Beetles. Even roaches have their place in garden.

As far as the search for mulch goes, it is ultimately a personal preference. One might choose the free mulch and spend their gardening budget on more plants. Others might prefer the look of dyed mulch. Still, others might choose rock. The goal is to make an informed decision. When applying any mulch, make sure not to smother the stems and trunks of plants. This can trap moisture and lead to problems with rot.

Thanks for writing! -Christine