Tuesday, September 23, 2008

H&Z Customers Can Now Choose What's On Sale

Dirt Bags love flowers! Of course we are talking about the Hester & Zipperer Garden Variety Dirt Bag! It's our new reusable shopping bag that will save you money. How? Let me break it down for you.

Buy our bag for $3.99 and get 5% off your bill when you
bring it back to Hester & Zipperer (on Wilmington Island) to shop.

There are a lot of reusable shopping bags, but ours will help you save money and make your yard look good!

California Is Saving Table Scraps

Parents spend a huge amount of time and energy trying to get their kids to make happy plates. We're all familiar with phrases like, "Starving kids in Africa would be happy to eat that!" My maiden name is Fuller, so my dad's favorite was, "Eat a little more. You'll be a little Fuller." These wily attempts by parents are likely decline in California thanks to a new program which asks residents to save their table scraps.

Green counter top compost bins, with tight lids, are being distributed to people. They are told to collect the green waste and dump it into a larger can that remains outside. These larger cans are then taken to a large composting site! Think of how much WON'T be headed to the landfill?

Savannah residents can take charge of their own table scraps by purchasing their own counter top compost bin. Hester & Zipperer has been carrying these for about six months. They are a handy size that can be slid under a sink or into a pantry. There is no fear of bugs or odors! The tight lid keeps everything cozy inside!

Table Scraps To Fine Wine

LA Times Article About Scrap Collection

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Our Fall Sale Will Make Fall Planting Easier
Gas may be expensive. Milk may be right up there too. Making your yard pretty this season does not have to break the bank though. Come in and fill your car with these bargains!

  1. Deciduous Trees 40% off
  2. Hydrangeas 40% off
  3. Vines 40% off (excluding Confederate/Star Jasmine)
  4. Hibiscus 40% off
  5. Select Perennials 50% off
While you're here, check out the hot new combinations of Fall flowers. Buy them already planted or purchase separately!

The Dreaded Mole. Molie, Molie, Molie.

Moles make homeowners want to pull their hair out. They can make one's yard look like a BMX track in a single day. As someone who is in the position of solving this problem for people, I've found it difficult to say that one solution surpasses the rest. Some customers have success with sound emitters, others do the job with bait, and still others rely on traps.
Personally, I feel that stepping on the tunnels, to prevent grass roots from becoming exposed to air, is about as effective as the products on the market for this purpose. The bonus is that it is free. Compare that to the number of moles in the neighborhood, and homeowners could save a pretty penny.
Now, if moles are becoming a problem in shrub and flower beds, a physical barrier is an excellent solution. I've found another blog dedicated to solving mole problems, so click here to learn more.

Bulb and Flower Cages

Sunday, September 14, 2008

H&Z Hits Green Fest 2008

Mary-Ann and I got the chance to show off our expanding selection of environmentally responsible garden products this Saturday at Green Fest. The Trustees Garden event took place on an incredibly hot day, but it didn't affect the enthusiasm of the "shiny, happy, people" eager to demonstrate how small actions mean big results when protecting the environment.

Our biggest response no doubt came from our Flea Destroyer. You have heard me chatter on about it in our store and on this blog. It is an extremely effective way to solve problems with mole crickets, grubs, fire ants, fleas, and more. Other vendors like Coastal Pet rescue will be putting it to the test, and we hope to bring you more about their results in future posts.

The Black Pearl Pepper also stopped traffic quite a bit. The perfectly round fruit capable of burning your face off is surprisingly good at attracting beneficial insects to your garden. It's deep purple foliage compliments about anything you could put in the dirt next to it, so don't discard it if you're simply into fleurs.

Happily, Mary-Ann and I made some cool contacts that just might be showing up at our Fall Fest this year. In some cases, we are working on material for new classes to be held at other times. If there are certain topics that you would like to see covered, please post on this blog and let us know. We are anxious to start a dialogue with our customers to better serve your needs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our West Coast Plant Shipment Arrives,etc.

New arrivals at our Wilmington Island store!
Citrus Trees-Including Limes
Assorted Evergreen Topiaries
Foxtail Ferns
Texas Sage

Oh...and our organic solution for Mole Crickets, Grubs, Fleas and more is back in stock! The price has gone up a few dollars, but they are still a bargain.

$29.99 for a 2000 Sq./ Ft. application that lasts two years!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rosco Speaks!

Okay folks. This is serious. It's time for Fall planting to begin. Read this very carefully. WE ARE GETTING MUMS IN TODAY. That's right. So, you know I speak the truth when I say it could get hairy.
I'll save you some if you bring me some tuna. My staff-well...I hear they like Box Wine. Be strong people. Your yards are depending on you.

This is Rosco...counter cat...over and out.

It's Just A Little Breezy! Come Shop!

Box Tidy
Now customers don't need to worry about cleaning their cars so much after a trip to Hester & Zipperer. We just got in Box Tidy trunk organizers that keep plants upright on the way home. It expands or shrinks to fit your load, and when you're not using it, it folds up to the size of a notebook!
What a great way to cut down on plastic usage. There is also no need to keep multitudes of bedding in your trunk.
Box Tidy - $17.99 Just in time for Fall planting!

You've Seen Them. We GOT 'EM.
Art and function combine to give us Aqua Globes. Fill them with water and place in your plants' soil. Now your Peace Lily can sit on the counter and sip away while you're watching the Weather Channel.

Aqua Globes - $9.99
Caution:They only work if you remember to fill them with water.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Doug Green Wants YOU!
Okay, he doesn't really want you. He wants your plants. Doug is a published garden writer and veteran nursery owner, and he'll be coming to Savannah this November to see what we've got growing.

Doug lives just outside of Kingston, Ontario, Canada and there are plenty of cool southern plants that he'd love to learn about and photograph for his web sites and feature stories.

Now, I know what you're thinking. NOT MY YARD. MY YARD IS...blablabla. Don't get your beans in a bunch. He just wants to see your plants. He doesn't even need to photograph identifying characteristics of your yard necessarily.

This is a one of a kind opportunity to chat with someone of Doug's knowledge and experience. Who knows. You may be in Canada one day and want to see some plants. We're building bridges people. It's not the time to be shy. A brown leaf on your coleus does not reflect poorly on you.

To suggest a plant for Doug to see this November, please reply to this post or email us at hesterandzipperer@hotmail.com

Please do so within the next 30 days so that we can get an idea of how many gardens are available.