Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Pick It! We Pot It! You Got It!

The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer's new "You Pick It-We Pot It" service is an easy way to give someone something special without even getting your hands dirty. It's also a great way to add seasonal color to your own surroundings. Simply fill out the menu sheet with specifics like: lighting conditions, color preference, and size, and the hard part is done for you! You can even have it delivered!
Louise Anderson, of Tybee Island, had us do custom window boxes for her home which will be featured in the Tybee Tour of Homes this November. Your home doesn't need to be on a tour in order to take advantage of this time-saving service,though. Is company coming to town? Are you celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding? Do you just want your yard, deck, or patio to look like it belongs in a magazine?

The planter below is one of two made for Jan Hiltzheimer, also of Wilmington Island. She was very happy with the results and can be confident that her neighbors will not have the exact same thing. (Unless of course they're trying to copy off of Jan!haha) Our You-Pick It We Pot It service also allows Jan the option of having seasonal changes made to her containers for a lesser fee!

Don't think that this luxury is only for people with deep pockets either! Ten inch custom pots are only $19.99! So, come on over to the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer and place your order today!


Hester and Zipperer said...

Yes, the $19.95 price includes three four-inch plants and one six-inch.

We do not have a blanket guarantee like some of your large box stores. We are reasonable though. If you purchase a container, and it is dead two days later, of course we, replace it. We encourage customers to bring in leaf cuttings or branches at the first sign of trouble, because many things can be treated successfully.

Now, on the other hand, if you bring in a plant that was obviously not watered, placed in full sun when it wanted shade, or run over by a truck, that might be a different story. OUR customers would never do such a thing.

Hester and Zipperer said...

By the way...sorry I accidently deleted your question. Hope I answered it though.

jan said...

the pots that maryann did for our front porch during the fall festival are still beautiful ! i am enjoying them so much & plan to bring them back for seasonal plantings. when the pots are replanted, most of the current plants will be used in other places so that there will be very little loss !
so thanks again !