Friday, November 28, 2008

Keeping Christmas Tidy

Any woman who gets a vacuum cleaner this Christmas will probably not be as receptive as this gal. She's petting her new Hoover like a puppy, or maybe she's whispering, "Please suck me away from this loveless marriage." After all, the guy bought her a vacuum!

Don't throw your marriage under the bus by gifting an appliance this year. Instead, go for our "Christmas Tree Removal Bag". It is neatly hidden under the tree for the throughout the holiday season. When you are ready to give your tree its walking papers, simply pull the bag up around it. No more needles everywhere.

With all of that money you saved, why not buy her a fantastic citrus tree! Hester & Zipperer even has easy to understand information sheets for growing these attractive and fruitful trees.

Give Your Paper White A Lil' Somethin' Somethin'

Sometimes we hear little tips around the store, and we don't always know right off the bat whether they are based in fact. A popular one is that Narcissus, also known as Paperwhite Bulbs, will perform better if given some alcohol with their water. Pay close attention. I am not talking about you drinking alcohol until your bulbs are dancing around you like pink elephants. I am suggesting that you give your posies a little holiday nipper.

Cornell University has the research, and the correct dosage, to make your bulbs stand up straight. This information is important, because throwing a little of Uncle Joe's egg nog in with them will not achieve the same results.

Careful though. Bulbs may become a little flirty and more receptive to sexual advances. To avoid unwanted holiday shenanigans display your bulbs away from friends and relatives on the rebound.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They Are Here!

Your old friends Frazier Fur and Poinsettia are back in town for the holidays. They are looking for a place to stay. Any suggestions? Don't worry. Hester & Zipperer also has sturdy stands to keep your tree in line. We don't want it fainting at an inopportune time.

Don't forget to grab your proof of purchase when you buy one of our conical beauties. It's a coupon. When you show up in January with it, you will receive 25% off your total purchase! That is a super opportunity to make a list and check it twice. Think about what you can buy for Spring? Need a hose-end sprayer? How about new hose? What about patio furniture? Hmmmm.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Work For Whitman's Sampler

I had a nice time with the ladies of the May Fair Garden Club last night. The topic of conversation was bugs. Do they need killin' all the time? If so, what is the best way to do it?

Products Discussed

Flea Destroyer-For Mole Crickets, Grubs, Fire Ants, Fleas, etc.

Mole Go-Castor Oil Mole Repellent

All Seasons Spray Oil-Kills by smothering

We also talked about the value of the National Pesticide Information Center! What a terrific resource for people looking to make educated decisions about their chemical usage.

Thanks for the chocolates! My husband and I "sampled" quite a few!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eco-Friendly News

Hester & Zipperer Composts Restaurant Waste
Hester & Zipper is proud to be composting vegetable waste from Thrive Cafe and Saigon of Whitemarsh Plaza. That's right. The large wooden structure, built by our very own Travis, is not an ark, but a compost bin. Composting is an easy way to decrease your waste, but it also results in an effective soil amendment. You can do the same thing in your yard!

If you're not sure about composting on a large scale, there is another way to put your vegetable scraps and green waste to good use. Worm composting! Worm castings are one of the best additives for soil, but they can be costly. Click on the link to learn how to set up shop in your own yard. (Great activity for kids who like to get dirty!)

Getting A Charge Out of Recycling
Hester & Zipperer is now a drop off site for old cell phones, cell phone batteries, and rechargeable batteries. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation can answer any questions you have about what items qualify. Please answer this "Call 2 Recycle."

Saving Money With Your H&Z Christmas Trees

Hester & Zipperer Christmas Trees
Fresh Christmas trees from H & Z are a holiday tradition, and this year they will help you save big in the new year! When you buy a Christmas tree from us this year, you will receive a proof of purchase. Bring it in to our store any time during January 2009 and receive 25% off everything except pine straw and propane. Now this offer is for one time only, so make it count! January is a great time to put in shrubs and trees! It's a fantastic time to create new beds! What products will you need for Spring? Buy them in January and save! Make your shopping list and check it twice, because you don't want to forget anything!