Friday, December 21, 2007

Take Inspiration

This will be my last blog entry until February. I am taking a Winter break from plants and will be spending much time around large piles of manure. Why on earth would I do that you ask? The answer is because the manure will be coming from the thirteen elephants at Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary located an hour North of Little Rock, Arkansas.

I will be an intern there for a month. I will live in a dorm, cook my meals in a community kitchen, and help care for their incredible residents. They are a nonprofit organization that takes in elephants that have been given up by zoos,retired from circus life, or even orphaned in the wild.

'Tis the season of giving. What inspires you? What would drag you away from your loved ones for a month? What would light you up inside?

Merry Christmas! See you next year! -Christine

Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gardening Through Winter

A lot of people welcome a winter break from the yard and garden chores, but there are some thrill-seekers that venture on through this chilly chapter of the garden journal. When it is cold we want to stay in our beds,and we should. Only, I am talking about our flower and shrub beds!
Now is a good time to dig up, rearrange, and ammend the soil. You may think that your plants are getting by on the sandy Savannah soil that has been there since the War Between The States, however they could be doing so much more with a little help from you.
Ammending soil is not an exact science. Everyone has their secret ingredient that they feel works the best. It is a good idea to have your soil tested by the County Extension Service. (The link is on this blog.) There is a small fee, but it is well worth it for the information and advice that they will send you. You can come in to our store with their information, and we can get you started with the right additives.
If you prefer to do your own way, we can suggest common additives for a variety of situations. For example, Garden Gypsum is known to break up clay soils. Lime helps tame our naturally acidic soil. Superphosphate improves the number of blooms has down the road. Just let tell us about what your planting, and we can help.
Once you realize the benefits of improving your soil, you may want to look into starting a compost pile in your yard.

For Composting Info Click Here
Earth 911 Making Every Day Earth Day-Good Info!
Composting For Kids

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Stress!

It was the day I had to pick my mom up at the airport, for our families' early Christmas celebration, that I decided to clean the interior of my car. It looked like a hamster cage. I wouldn't have been surprised to find a chewed up toilet paper roll in the clutter. Heck, even a hamster wouldn't have been all too alarming. What was wrong with me? Why had I let my car fill up with soda cans, pay stubs, books, shoes,and goodness knows what else? It was when I was vacuuming the pea gravel out of the trunk that I decided,"Enough!" I gave the car a final spray of Trapp's Mediterranean Fig air freshener and slammed the hatch down. Phewww. My car was the last of a laundry list of chores that I had assigned myself AND my husband for our holiday festivities, and I was ready to be DONE!
Doesn't cleaning just bring out the best in our personalities? Or rather the need to clean? My husband and I had begun the pre-holiday muttering at one another.
I couldn't TELL you what he was muttering about, but I started down this road,
"If you don't use the crevice tool, it means you haven't vacuumed." I called my sister on the phone as I loaded the dishwasher. "It's like they don't see the same stuff that needs to be done." She chuckled in recognition.

Her annual Christmas letter hadn't gone out yet, and that was a bull that her husband usually took by the horns. "He spent the evening loading music on to the computer," she commisserated. "Then he wanted to go to bed-at 8:30!" The thing is that our husbands are great guys, but the holiday stress had my sister and I lining them up against car thieves and people that dot their i's with little smiley faces, both of which are highly disturbing.

When my family eventually arrived, I made great attempts to keep my stress at a level managable by Advil and a few glasses of wine. I decorated the Christmas tree with my mom and my aunt, and only a few times replaced their ornaments to "safer" branches;cat-resistant branches. I was filled with so much warmth from the holidays and a 2004 Syrah that I hardly noticed the smudges from cat noses on the dining room windows. I didn't even flinch as a hair ball rolled by me like a Tumble Weed in Death Valley. Oh no. I was merry, and consequently, everyone else was too! Now there will always be slip ups. Outbursts like, "Yes I need that! That's why I put it on the list!" are bound to occurr. As are the, "I TOLD you-put the potatoes in the BLUE dish.Geeeez."
Christmas comes without Windex, or Tile-x,or sheets for the Swiffer. It comes without emmaculant counters-though some beg to differ. You see, Christmas is something that doesn't come in a sprayer! Christmas, it turns out, is meant to be gayer!

So gather your loved ones and let go of the stress. Besides-I'm sure nobody will notice that spot on your dress!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Twelve Days Of Christmas H&Z Style

On the first day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the second day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Two Topiaries and some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the third day of Christmass my garden center gave to me-
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries and some Citrus food for my orange tree.

On the fourth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the fifth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the seventh day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Seven Bulbs a blooming
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the eighth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Eight Indian Hawthorns
Seven Bulbs a Blooming
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the nineth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Nine cats meowing
Eight Indian Hawthorns
Seven Bulbs a Blooming
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the tenth day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Ten hanging baskets.
Nine cats meowing
Eight Indian Hawthorns
Seven Bulbs a Blooming
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my garden center gave to me-
Eleven Black-Eyed Susans
Ten Hanging Baskets
Nine cats meowing
Eight Indian Hawthorns
Seven Bulbs a Blooming
Six sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And Some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

On the twelve day of Christmas my garden center gave to me twelve yards of ribbon
Eleven Black-Eyed Susans
Ten Hanging Baskets
Nine Cats Meowing
Eight Indian Hawthorns
Seven Bulbs a Blooming
Six Sacks of Scratch Feed
Four Nerdy Birds
Three Flats of Pansies
Two Topiaries
And some Citrus Food for my orange tree.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excuse Me While I Slip Into Something Christmas-ie!

As we scoop the last of the Sweet Potato Souffle out of a chilled Corning ware dish, and digest the time spent with family and friends, it is time to change gears once more. It's time to climb the attic stairs,fiddle with fake snow,and, for crying out loud, set our hearts aglow!

Feeling Grinchy? A little bit?

It's understandable. There's a lot to think about and a lot to do. It is for that reason that I've made this list of typical holiday woes, and how WE can solve them!

In no particular order...

My mom is coming to town, and she's this super gardener. My thumb is black! My house is as cold as a doctor's office! Help!

No problem! You just need a little color! Our Poinsettias are in! A LOT OF THEM! We also have these cool decorative tins to doll them up even more!

Oh, and as for the bologna about them being poisonous?

Ok, I have pets. They mess with my house plants and decorations. How can I make my house festive and animal resistant?

Tricky, but not impossible! These tin signs are a charming option!

I always forget to water my Christmas Tree! Then, when I do, I have to move all of the presents and decorations! Isn't their an easier way?

You bet there is! For $19.99 you can buy the Ever-Green Seasons watering system! It looks like a present beside your tree, but pumps water into your tree stand!

I cannot make a bow to save my life!

Mary-Ann can make you a bow that will make you want to slap your mama, and look at all of the ribbon you can choose from! BOW-daceous!

How can I protect my tender plants from a freeze? That way they still look great for company?
You need a "Planket". It's the material used by professional growers! No more throwing heirloom quilts over orange trees and Sponge Bob Square Pants sheets over the Petunias! Don't make your yard look like a flea market! Use what the pros use!
La Planket!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

If our store was a woman, it would need some Lycra, because we are busting out all over the place with cool stuff. You're probably considering things like what to put on your mantle or how to make your table look fabulous and unique. I'm telling you, now is the time to stop by!

We just received an order from Wickermania! That means baskets, but these aren't your grandmother's baskets. These are chic and waiting to go on a book shelf, in your powder room,or even on your wall! Baskets can hold plants, but that is just the beginning! Every room in the house has some clutter that gets shoved in a drawer before company comes over. Put the clutter in a basket-and voila! You're not messy; you are marvelous.

How many gardeners does it take to screw in a Paperwhite Bulb? Zero. These bulbs are so easy to plant that even beginners can enjoy their fast growth and fragrant blooms. At 99 cents a pop these bulbs are affordable gifts and fun projects for kids. For only $16.99 you can have two bulbs creatively planted in a vase with colorful stones,beads,or ornaments. Your family will be so impressed, and all you had to do was bring it home!

(If you are planting bulbs in the yard, don't forget your Dutch Bulb Food! It's better than bone meal and won't attract the neighborhood pooches to your yard.)

There is nothing like a crisp morning and the sound of church bells. Here in Savannah, the crisp morning might be hard to come by, but the bells are not. Our new line of "Corinthian Bells" (chimes) are of the highest quality. Don't think Tinker Bell here. Think French Monestary. Their sound is hauntingly beautiful, and they are waiting here to help you ring in the holiday season.

There are many new finds in the store. We hope to see you soon! Make sure to check out the secret word on this blog. Come in to the Wilmington Island location and say it, and you'll receive 10% off your next purchase! (Excludes pinestraw.)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Kristen Speaks to Whitemarsh Garden Club

Every woman knows that it is all about the shoes, and our Kristen got to try on a new pair that was given to her by the Whitemarsh Island Garden Club. Colored with more personality than Lady Chablis, the formerly-canvas loafers made Kristen feel like Dorothy in Oz.

The garden club members were not witches, but wise-cracking women ready for a good time.

We're not talking styro-foam cups and Chex Part Mix. Oh no! A snack associated with Super Bowl parties and March Madness would not suffice for these stylish dames.
China, or at the very least dishes that would shatter, was brought out for She-Crab Soup,cucumber and tomato sandwichs,and some white wine. With all of the sensory stimulation, it's a wonder Kristen could remember her professional task to educate the merry group.Indeed she did, though.

Kristen covered everything from preventing cold damage to eye-catching Fall plantings. The garden club was understandably wooed by the golden blooms of the Cassia Tree, and who wouldn't be? They are stunning. They were also delighted by the "You Pick It-We Pot It" service Hester and Zipperer offers. They will likely be bringing in their containers, and searching for new ones, to be planted for the upcoming holidays.

Kristen sends her thanks for a wonderful time! It was very memorable.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lots Going On At Hester and Zipperer

Firstly, the good news is that our beloved Rosco is back!

It seems that Rosco has a night life of which we were not aware. He disappeared last weekend. While placing posters around the shopping center we learned that Rosco sits on the benches outside of the Oyster Bar and soaks up affection from the customers. We also learned that he was known as the "Papa John's Cat" and free chicken came along with that title! Finally, we learned that a kind soul brought Rosco home for a few days for fear that he might get hit by a car. We fear the same thing,and welcome a loving home for him. Still, we are glad he is here-where he receives love in spades!

The store continues to do custom potting and arranging for the folks in the surrounding neighborhoods. Kristen created this lovely arrangement to be used as a center piece for one of our clients.

The wonder of this type of arrangement is that it is so easy! Choose from our wide selection of baskets, pick your posies, arrange, and cover with moss. (To protect furniture from moisture,it is a good idea to line basket with plastic if it doesn't already contain a liner.)This arrangement should be made close to the time you will use it to ensure it looks its best.

Now for the SALES! They are hidden deep in this blog entry for the customers who truly deserve them! Heehee!

Select one gallon perennials-50% off
All Hanging Baskets-30% off
All Tropicals-75% off
All Halloween Decor-50% off
All Fall Silks-45% off

Don't forget that we have some fab Georgia Bull Dog gifts for the fans in your life! Mention the secret word on this blog, and you'll 10% off ANY purchase!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Company

This time of year one must expect company, and Hester and Zipperer has some simple ideas for making guests feel comfortable in your home. Whether your house is the Ritz Carlton or the Ritz Jones, taking hints from hotels is a good idea when planning for friends and family. After all, they thrive on making people feel welcomed.
Take a look at your house from your guest's point of view. Is your entry way clear of debris, or is there a chew toy, tricycle, and Weed Wacker in their path? Elements like attractive containers,lanterns, and even signs tell guests you have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. You've planned for it. You've decorated for it. If you have no time to plant, stop by and place an order from our You Pick It, We Pot It service. We'll make something that perfectly suits your needs.
Now, consider where your guest is sleeping. A dresser in a guest room, or an end table in the living room, can serve as another welcoming station. Why not place some Savannah Bee Company lotion, soap, or bath gel out? These items would fit nicely on an attractive ceramic saucer, in a beautiful basket, or even in a simple terracotta pot! If your guest has traveled by plane, or had a long car ride,a fragrant candle might help them slip into vacation mode a little easier.(Come see and smell our new Trapp Candles from the World Gardens series.)They also make great souvenirs, because the scent will forever be associated with their time here.
The point is to personalize everything to their taste. Customizing is the name of the game. A little extra effort is all that it takes! (Ok...and a little money too.)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Pick It! We Pot It! You Got It!

The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer's new "You Pick It-We Pot It" service is an easy way to give someone something special without even getting your hands dirty. It's also a great way to add seasonal color to your own surroundings. Simply fill out the menu sheet with specifics like: lighting conditions, color preference, and size, and the hard part is done for you! You can even have it delivered!
Louise Anderson, of Tybee Island, had us do custom window boxes for her home which will be featured in the Tybee Tour of Homes this November. Your home doesn't need to be on a tour in order to take advantage of this time-saving service,though. Is company coming to town? Are you celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding? Do you just want your yard, deck, or patio to look like it belongs in a magazine?

The planter below is one of two made for Jan Hiltzheimer, also of Wilmington Island. She was very happy with the results and can be confident that her neighbors will not have the exact same thing. (Unless of course they're trying to copy off of Jan!haha) Our You-Pick It We Pot It service also allows Jan the option of having seasonal changes made to her containers for a lesser fee!

Don't think that this luxury is only for people with deep pockets either! Ten inch custom pots are only $19.99! So, come on over to the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer and place your order today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Bright Idea For A Center Piece

This beautiful center piece was created by Leigh Ebberwein, of Wilmington Island, using plants, gourds, and a stylish lantern from Hester and Zipperer. Great job, Leigh! Not only does it give the height she wanted, but the individual pieces can be used elsewhere in the future. This makes it attractive and cost effective!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creepy Crawly Links

Bug Trivia
Spittle Bugs
Mole Crickets
Snakes of South Carolina and Georgia
Alligator Facts
White Flies
Brown Recluse Bite?

Our 2007 Fall Festival Is A Big Hit With Customers

The weekend of October 6th and 7th the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer hosted its fabulous Fall Festival. The excitement included a few crucial elements to a wopping good time.

We were so excited that we decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. We were told time and time again how our costumes matched our personalities.

All of you came out to help usher in a new season,and based on what you bought, your yards should be looking pretty amazing by now!

In fact,some of your kids grew old while they were waiting for you to finish shopping.

The Fall Fest isn't just about shopping though! It's about enjoying the nice weather,

singing or cheering a happy tune,

and just having a good time. We took so many pictures. I was growing old posting them on this blog. So, we will feature photos throughout the season on this blog.

We thank you so much for making our festival so successful. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Post Fall Fest Post

We're all very tired. Stay tuned for the Fall Fest Recap. Anybody have any Icy Hot or Bengay?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Customer's Mulch Question Answered

Mulch is a gardener's best friend. It helps retain moisture,keep weeding down,and can add organic matter to the soil. Garden centers sell it by the pallet, and customers can never seem to get enough.There are also sources for free mulch such as landfills,from our own trees,and generous neighbors. So, the decision regarding where to get your mulch involves some consideration.To help weigh the options, I consulted Dave Linvell,an agent for the Chatham County Extension Service. I wanted to know whether concerns over fungus,bugs,or weeds were warranted when taking mulch from the Wilmington Island dump and other similar places?

Dave points out that it is not a yes or no question. As an informed agent of the County Extension, he acknowledges that the previously mentioned concerns are a possibility, but adds,"I use it all the time without a problem. If those situations were to arise, they could easily be addressed." He continued by saying that the mulch at the dump is free, and equivalent organic matter purchased in the store can be expensive.

I agree with Dave that if any bugs,weeds,etc. were to occur,it could be handled pretty easily. It is my experience that customers often have uninformed fears about bugs in particular.What must be understood is that just the presence of bugs does not mean that they are a danger to plants or humans. Examples are some ants,earth worms,Lace Wings,and Ground Beetles. Even roaches have their place in garden.

As far as the search for mulch goes, it is ultimately a personal preference. One might choose the free mulch and spend their gardening budget on more plants. Others might prefer the look of dyed mulch. Still, others might choose rock. The goal is to make an informed decision. When applying any mulch, make sure not to smother the stems and trunks of plants. This can trap moisture and lead to problems with rot.

Thanks for writing! -Christine

Friday, September 28, 2007

Organic Question Answered by Christine

We are striving to carry more and more organic products. Many of our customers ask for chemicals that they've used for years, and they're reluctant to make a change.I feel, however, that if you can use a product that is kind to the environment AND effective, why nuke the ecosystem?
Here are some organic products we're fond of:

Organic One Fire Ant Killer-Excellent! We use it around the nursery all the time!
Triple Action-Insecticide,Miticide,Fungicide. In concentrate and RTU Spray
Corn Gluten Lawn/Garden Fertilizer(9-0-0)It also has some weed preventative qualities.
The list is endless for fertilizers:bonemeal,bloodmeal,muriate of potash,fish emulsion,liquid iron,and more.
Come in, and we can recommend something specific to your needs!
If you're interested in other "GREEN" products,use the search box on this blog to search eco-friendly sites on Google.

Thanks for writing! -Christine

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer Fall Festival!!!!

Hello. My name is Rosco, and I am very angry at MY staff for not putting more details about the Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer's Fall Festival on this blog! It's Saturday,October 6th,10:AM-4:P.M and Sunday 12:P.M.-4:P.M. All the cool cats and,of course, the DAWG-lovers are going to be there! Kids can even get their face painted to look like ME! Oh, and there will be this great big MOON WALK for the kids. I don't fancy them myself. I tossed my cookies the last time I got on one of those things. The kids love it though!Did I mention the cotton candy,hot dogs and hamburgers?
Adults will purr with delight when they see all of the beautiful Fall flowers, and they'll be dying to get their claws into the wheat straw too. Home is where the heart is,(and the cat food), so you won't want to miss all of the stylish gifts and decor! Your front door would be bare without it!
I can't wait to see ya'll there!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The New and Improved Justin Dives Into New Position At H&Z

We'd like to introduce everyone to our New and Improved Justin. He started working with us this week and should not be confused with the old Justin who left us last year. New Justin was very eager to help us with our pumpkin display. He seems to be a good guy and very enthusiastic.

Christine MOPS Up At Islands Baptist Church

Mothers of Preschoolers gave a warm reception to Christine, Wednesday morning, when she arrived to give them a presentation on herbs. The busy moms were eager to discover uses for Parsley,Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme that didn't involve a song on an old mix tape.

Christine resisted the urge to launch into a Rodney Dangerfield routine up at the microphone and instead offered examples of herb arrangements that might inspire a creative update to Fall decor.
The MOPS were encouraged to post their questions and experiences on this blog, so that we can all benefit. Hopefully in the next few days we'll hear from them.

I want to thank the MOPS for allowing me to ramble on and for the lovely candle they gave me. I look forward to seeing them again at our Fall Festival which is Oct. 6th and 7th! It will be a treat for moms and kids alike. Ok...dads will have fun too!

Cilantro Lovers Go Here
Parsley Feeds Future Butterflies
Cooking Tips For Fresh and Dried Herbs

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Christine Talks To MOPS

Wednesday morning Christine will be giving a talk to MOPS,Mothers of Preschoolers,on the wonders of herbs. If you would like to spice up a group gathering with a little garden presentation by Christine, on herbs or another topic, please email us at: or call 912-897-5581

Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome to the World of Dirty Hoes

Even if your goal in life is not to become a Master Gardener, there are a lot of benefits to knowing your way around the garden and the garden center. You will save both time and money, and you will make smarter purchases that better suit your needs.

Like kids, plants need food and water. They can get both in a number of ways.

Food: Water-soluble fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer. There are chemical and organic forms of both. You are probably familiar with the three numbers on the back of fertilizers, but you might not know what they mean.

1st number is Nitrogen. It greens leaves and encourages leaf growth
2nd number is Phosphate. It encourages blooming and rooting.
3rd number is Potassium. This also encourages root growth.

A plant that is all green would prefer nitrogen, but not need as much phosphate, because it doesn’t bloom. Alternatively, your flowers would like a fertilizer with a lot of phosphate, but might not need as much nitrogen.

Water: Rain, sprinklers, soaker-hoses, watering cans, etc.
This may sound obvious, but certain plants may do better with different methods.

As we all know, water can be a best friend or our worst nightmare, and with plants, it is no different. Plants require different amounts of water, so it is important to educate yourself on the water needs of your particular plants. Next, recognize the different effects of different watering methods.

Sprinkler Systems are very common, but they will let you down if you don’t recognize their limits. For example, does yours reach all of your plants? Is it drowning your Palms? Is it fully saturating the bedding plants that require it? Often systems provide a false sense of security, and it may be better to water by hand until you are accustomed to the needs of your plants.

Tackle These Garden Situations
With Your Inner Garden Goddess!

Scenario 1
Your in-laws are coming over and your patio, porch, or deck looks like Animal from the Muppet Show had his band over for a party! No problem. Gather up the stray Sponge Bobs and Doras, and try this on for size.

Pots of herbs situated near where company sits will smell good and create the illusion that you have nothing to do but cook gourmet meals with them all day long. Come by the H&Z, and we’ll help you put the right herbs in the right pot!

Goddess Tip: You can buy the 4 inch pots of herbs, place them in a pretty basket, and put moss around the top. This makes a great center piece, and you can plant them later!

Scenario 2
Your neighbors just had their yard landscaped, and your yard looks like it got run over by a Tonka Truck! No problem! Try these fixes. They will take some time, but are worth it for the satisfaction they will bring!

Grab your electric hedge-trimmers, the best purchase you’ll ever make, and consider what needs some buzzing. Remember, some plants form buds for the next year early, so call us and talk to us before you trim. 897-5581 This will instantly make your yard look more maintained. Next, buy annual flowers! For $14.99 you can buy 36 flowering plants like: Snap Dragons, Violas, Pansies, Impatiens, and Begonias! Come by H&Z and we can help you choose pots and flowers that will suit your environment. Lastly,mulch your beds. No matter what mulch you choose, a fresh layer on top will redefine your beds and help retain moisture in them as well.

Goddess Tip: Buying different types of flowers in a similar color pallet makes a bigger impact from the street and ties together your landscaping. Fertilize your annuals once a week with “Blooming and Rooting”. Being consistent will make all the difference in the number of flowers your neighbors see from the curb!

Scenario 3
Your plants have a problem. You don’t know what it is, and the thought of spraying the wrong thing makes you want to pave the yard. Take a clipping and bring it over to us! We’ll diagnose it and suggest a treatment!

Creativity Is Not a Four-Letter Word
(but DuLL most certainly is!)

When we are strapped for time and money, it is tempting to fall in the same ol’ routine. Sometimes getting customers to try a new flower over an old standard can be like pulling a favorite blanket from a child!

“I want my Montego Tahiti Orange Snap Dragons. I’ve used them every year since the dawn of time, and I’ll do so until the day I die. I cannot sleep without them!”

Tahiti Orange Snaps ARE lovely, but how about we unclench a little bit and try some exciting new combinations! Come by H&Z and we can come up with containers that will dazzle you, your mom, your cousin Shirley, and her kid with the unusually large eyes.
Women are naturally creative all the time, but for some reason, they are reluctant to put that skill to good use in the yard. Smartly dressed women come in all dolled up wearing color-coordinated ensembles, and yet finding three plants to put in a container together is terrifying to them. The following might help a bit:

Date Night Outfit/Landscape Design

Your make-up=The foundation for your plants also known as soil.
If it’s good your relationship grows. If it’s cheap, you look like a tramp, and
your relationship might wither and die.

Your Clothes=Your evergreen plants in the landscape.
When putting on your clothes, you do not put everything from the waist up or the waist down. You spread the clothes out so they are evenly distributed all over your body. No matter what the season, certain areas of the body and yard are always covered.

Your Jewelry and Accessories=Your Annuals and Perennials
We like to put some extra sparkle on to draw the eye around, and that is what flowers do for your yard. Symmetry is what people most often prefer. Like your favorite earrings, which frame your face, flowers can draw attention to a front door. Like your necklace pulls out the color from your earrings, your bedding plants compliment the flowers by your home’s entrance. Like your shoes compliment your scarf, pulling the hue from the door out to your mailbox, or another focal point, completes the cohesive design. Consider using birdbaths, shepherd’s hooks, trellises, garden art, and colorful ceramic pots.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome Ya'll!

Welcome to Hester and Zipperer’s
New and Improved Online Location

We are happy and excited to offer you this convenient lawn, garden, and gift resource. With its arrival in cyberspace, we look forward to developing an online community of gardeners, gabbers, and gurus that understand and want to learn more about gardening in the South.
This portal to plants and doorway to design will support our stores, on Skidaway Road and Wilmington Island, with seasonal articles on a variety of garden issues. There will be no worrying about whether the advice you’re reading applies to your region. It will be written especially for you! We will also bring you innovative decorating ideas that will suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.
Our yards greet the world before we even open the door, and that can weigh heavy on our shoulders. Lay down that burden right here, because we will help you. Whether your goal is to impress company, yourself, or the people that might buy your house, we’ve got what you need!