Saturday, April 26, 2008


Speak Up Islanders!

Those of you not on our email list may want to hear about this:
Pat Farrell, Chatham County Commissioner of District 4, came by Hester and Zipperer on Saturday with an invitation for a Town Hall Meeting to be held at the Islands Precinct (54 Johnny Mercer Blvd.) Tuesday, May 6th, from 6-7P.M. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you interested in the Live Oak issue on Johnny Mercer Blvd. Hundreds of you have come by to sign the petition we've hosted regarding the trees, and it is important to further support this cause by attending the meeting. Please send this out to your friends not on this email list.

Items to be discussed: Public Safety, Engineering, Public Works and Park Services, and presentations from County Staff
followed by a question and answer period.

Thanks! The Gang at Hester and Zipperer, Wilm. Island Location

Friday, April 25, 2008

Put Your Plants To Work!

Calling All Cooks! Calling All Noncooks!

I'm very excited about the new "widget" on this page for finding recipes. How often do we find ourselves wondering what to make for dinner? Now, you can pop by our blog and get some ideas! Hopefully, you'll find some cool new ways to use the herbs and veggies that we carry!

Even more important than the recipes is the feedback. I'd like to hear what you've tried! How did it work out for you? Would you make it again?

I'd also like to encourage you to send in original recipes to be featured on our blog! Maybe at some point we could make a cookbook. I can see it now! We'll be flipping through chapters called, "The Park", "Bradley Point", and "Old Towne"!

So, send them in, and let's get cookin'!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


One does not need to have a diet rich in granola in order to appreciate the canopy of Live Oaks along Johnny Mercer Blvd, nor does one need to have placed flowers in the barrel of a gun in order to see that they must be protected and properly maintained. (I am afraid that the uneducated pruning of them leaves disjointed skeletons where mighty soldiers once stood proud and tall.)
The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer is delighted to host a SAVE OUR TREES petition that will be given to Chatham County Commission Chairman, Pete Liakakis, and 4th District County Commissioner, Pat Farrell. It is designed to prevent further trees from being taken down along Johnny Mercer Blvd. It seems that more lots are in danger of losing their trees.
Please come by the store and support the trees whose shade has fallen upon our great-grandparents, so that it may, one day, fall upon our great-grandchildren as well.

Find contact information for Chatham County below:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sales Soar Saturday-Spring Fling A Success!


Landscaping one's yard can take a hefty bite from the wallet, so homeowners flooded our gates for a chance to get some great bargains! There was a sale for everyone, I believe!

Some people just wanted to come out and get some sun!

That was alright. We were glad to have them. You see, when people stop by to browse, often they find a must-have like Alex here.

Travis proudly shows off a Bottlebrush Topiary

Our Alex finds a woman who yearns for ferns!

Our Fundraiser Continues...
Alicia makes a lovely model for our Spring Fling t-shirt, and gives props to Wild Delight who, along with Fertilome, sponsored them!

Please, if you haven't already, come get a "Creatures Great And Small" t-shirt. They are $20.00, and the proceeds are split between May Howard Elementary and Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary. (

Thanks to John from Coach's Corner for the Hot Dog Set Up! We are sorry to say that Lighthouse Pizza was a no-show after offering to host pizza and soft drinks for our event.

Thursday's Spring Fling Gallery Night

Social Butterflies

"You clean up pretty good," was the phrase most frequently heard at our Hester and Zipperer gallery night. We all threw our well-worn t-shirts and jeans into the hamper in exchange for something a little more fancy. After all, it was our Gallery Night!
Amy's stunning creations wowed everyone! We were so happy to have her take up with us for the evening.

The beautiful spread was arranged by Judy and Amanda! From the looks of things, everyone was delighted. I believe the spinach dip MIGHT have changed some lives out there.

Those of you who weren't there the other evening must come in and check out the soy candles by Natalie. The Low Country Luxe line will make you weak in the knees, because they smell so good. These candles are so classy and beautifully packaged!

We were very fortunate to have Bill Smith, Ellen Grosse, and Ray Williams fill the air with musical bliss.

Friedman's Fine Art was very generous to let us share in the botanical works for the weekend. Customers filed in all evening to the remarkable pieces. The detail was quite striking, and it gave us all something to aspire to in the garden.

Finally, I must give great thanks to Skidaway Liquor Center. They kept the wine flowing, and our faces glowing, all evening long! (So much, in fact, that you will all recall the trouble I had changing the register tape.)

Fitz and Jan Hiltzheimer proudly display the one that didn't get away!

Our end of the night sale had customers reaching for their favorite finds. Fitz and Jan found this lovely mermaid flying overhead, and decided that she had to come home with them!

Thank you all for making the evening a glorious success!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hester and Zip News

Our Spring Fling Week has arrived!

The popularity of our Fall Festival, last year, led us to plan our First Annual Spring Fling. We'll kick it off on Thursday with a gallery night, from 5-8 P.M., at our Wilmington Island location. It will feature wine donated by Skidaway Liquor Center, art from Friedman's Fine Art, and live music by Bill Smith and Ellen Gross!
Come back on Saturday, because we'll have merchandise set up by our neighborhood friends. Natalie Evans will be by with her Low Country Lux Candles. Amy Bowden will have her Garden Jewelry Designs. Here she is with a winged friend.

Oh, and just in time for lunch, Lighthouse Pizza will be handing out slices!


For shoppers looking to support conservation, we have JUST the thing. T-shirts will be available, designed by yours truly, with an attractive "Creatures Great and Small" theme. Proceeds will be split between Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary, where I interned in January, and May Howard Elementary's Outdoor Classroom.

Look at this wonderful design! You can sport your support of elephant conservation and May Howard Elementary's Outdoor classroom for only $20.00!

Need more than one? The price drops to $15.00! What a great gift idea too!

Hester and Zipperer employee, Kristen Phillips, and I set up a booth at May Howard's Math and Science Night recently. It also followed the theme "Creatures Great and Small." We sold stepping stones to benefit our joined causes which will be painted and placed in May Howard's Outdoor Classroom. It was a great success!

For those of you who purchased stones...fear not.

They are in the works! It's not too late to purchase one in the name of your May Howard Student. See Christine or Kristen at the Spring Fling.

Don't forget the plant specials! It's still a great time to get things in the ground. The weather is mild, and we're actually getting rain!