Saturday, March 8, 2008

Compose Yourself Maam. It's A Clematis.

I understand your excitement though. It's an Evergreen Clematis, and it's one of our arrivals that we seldom see. Its striking blooms and evergreen foliage is enough to make anyone go ga-ga. That's right-GA-GA. It's the same feeling that a fashion-lover might get upon spying the latest hand bag. You can't carry this Clematis with you everywhere, but you can, most certainly, carry one home.

Sometimes it is important for people not to take gardening so seriously. When done right, it should be a creative release and not a source of frustration. To help lighten the mood try these funny Veggie Stakes to label your plants. They're cute, corny, and cool gifts.

When it's raining, nothing could be more fun than measuring the drops in one of these silly little guys. Kids will enjoy finding one of these rain-gauge creatures waiting for them in the garden. Consider one for your young Master Gardener.

For those of you looking to sprinkle some Spring indoors, check out our retro-animal baskets and old-fashioned pull toys. They bring a sense of nostalgia and seasonal style all at the same time. Surprise friends with an Easter basket that they'll remember forever. Bring relatives one as a center piece.

Three-year-old Ava of Wilmington Island came by Hester and Zipperer the other day, and I couldn't resist showing her off as a young gardener with style!

Boots never looked so good!

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