Monday, April 14, 2008

Sales Soar Saturday-Spring Fling A Success!


Landscaping one's yard can take a hefty bite from the wallet, so homeowners flooded our gates for a chance to get some great bargains! There was a sale for everyone, I believe!

Some people just wanted to come out and get some sun!

That was alright. We were glad to have them. You see, when people stop by to browse, often they find a must-have like Alex here.

Travis proudly shows off a Bottlebrush Topiary

Our Alex finds a woman who yearns for ferns!

Our Fundraiser Continues...
Alicia makes a lovely model for our Spring Fling t-shirt, and gives props to Wild Delight who, along with Fertilome, sponsored them!

Please, if you haven't already, come get a "Creatures Great And Small" t-shirt. They are $20.00, and the proceeds are split between May Howard Elementary and Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary. (

Thanks to John from Coach's Corner for the Hot Dog Set Up! We are sorry to say that Lighthouse Pizza was a no-show after offering to host pizza and soft drinks for our event.

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