Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday at the H & Zip

Tropicals Are Here!

People don't move South for the weather. That's a load of Moo-nure-priced nicely at $4.99. They move down for the tropical atmosphere. Drinks with umbrellas, patios with umbrellas, and beaches with umbrellas woo the masses.
Don't delay in creating a tropical oasis in YOUR backyard, or better yet, your mother's! Mother's Day is right around the corner, and nothing would thrill the lovely lady, who gave you life, more than a backyard make-over fit for a queen!
It's easy with the following: tropical vines, hummingbird feeders, colorful planters, and beautiful lanterns and candles. Add in some bug repellent, and you've got yourself a slice of Heaven here on Earth!
Attention all of you butterfly gardeners out there! Mary-ann will be teaching a class at our Wilmington Island location NEXT Saturday, May 10th, dealing with how to attract these flying friends to your garden. Show up at 9:45A.M. for the 10:A.M. class! Participants will receive 10% off butterfly-attracting plants listed by the tattooed teacher. Don't MISS OUT!
I'm still looking for recipes contributions! Send in your delicious ideas for fresh herbs and veggies. Don't deny that you've got some goodies, because you're Southerners! You've got recipes in your blood!
Have a good Friday night! Tomorrow there is gardening to be done!

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