Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Hot and Sticky News

Well, it is no secret that business slows down at a retail garden center during unpleasant weather. While blue skies and sunshine draw one to frolic in the exceptional plant finds Hester & Zipperer has to offer, the rain and delightful humidity have been keeping customers away. I suppose people have been sipping the last bit refreshment from the big cup that is Summer vacation.

Education Pays Off In Organic Sales
We are pleased to say that those of you who braved the weather have jumped at the chance to purchase our new organic solution to many lawn and garden insects called "Flea Destroyer." The name is really misleading, because although these beneficial nematodes kill fleas, they also put a stop to numerous other pests like: mole crickets, white grubs, sod web worm, fire ants, and more! We ordered ten canisters, and sold out in about a two weeks! We will be getting more in later this week, and we've started taking names for people who want this effective, eco-friendly product! Do you want to be on the list? Call 912-897-5581

Refresh Your Garden
A new shipment of tomatoes has arrived! Don't standby with the crash cart for plants that are on their way out. Do-overs aren't just for ping pong and kick ball!

Don't miss out on fun Summer decor that is 40% off! This is a great time to buy little accents for your Labor Day festivities!

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