Friday, October 10, 2008

Fearless Container Gardening

A Visit With The Wilmington Island Garden Club

Yesterday I spoke to the Wilmington Island Garden Club about shaking things up in their containers this Fall. As promised, I'm offering further examples and information for those looking to move beyond the ordinaire. I'm going to explore one area at a time, so you can really see it put to good use.

It's what makes us remember a favorite sweater, a choice salad, and a jaw-dropping container. A container can put it to good use with mulch, foliage choice, container choice and what I like to call glue gun extras!

Run your fingers through the grasses on this Proven Winners page for some feathery options. Many would also make cool hair-doos for your Halloween pumpkin people!

Your container shouldn't be bland. One of my favorite artists, Judy Sell, knows how to make a container sing with her mosaics. Also check out this H&Z customer's yard for inspiring use of texture! Jane Rowan has been fearless in her yard's transformation. Take a slice of her creative use of rock, frans, and spines for your containers.

Her striking yard didn't happen over night, but it can in a nice container out on the deck!

Mulches like sea glass are elegant, but why not get funky for your next poker night with a container mulched with casino chips? Get your husband or boyfriend's attention when you say, "I'm going to mulch my container with your nuts."

You could use broken crayons, dominoes, dice, erasers, toy cars, Barbie shoes, plastic army guys, tooth picks, beads, and more to make your container unique. It doesn't have to last forever! It only takes an evening to make your neighbors totally jealous. The effects of your moment of greatness will last a life time.

Glue Gun Extras
The magic and wonder of a glue gun rivals anything that George Lucas has to offer. It enables one to craft with speed that would shock the Slowskies. Better yet is its ability to evoke childlike creativity. Glue moss, plastic forks, pencils, and other stuff to pots. You'll be surprised at what you can do!

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