Friday, November 28, 2008

Keeping Christmas Tidy

Any woman who gets a vacuum cleaner this Christmas will probably not be as receptive as this gal. She's petting her new Hoover like a puppy, or maybe she's whispering, "Please suck me away from this loveless marriage." After all, the guy bought her a vacuum!

Don't throw your marriage under the bus by gifting an appliance this year. Instead, go for our "Christmas Tree Removal Bag". It is neatly hidden under the tree for the throughout the holiday season. When you are ready to give your tree its walking papers, simply pull the bag up around it. No more needles everywhere.

With all of that money you saved, why not buy her a fantastic citrus tree! Hester & Zipperer even has easy to understand information sheets for growing these attractive and fruitful trees.

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