Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hester & Zipperer Grieves The Passing Of Feline Friend

We are sad to report that our dear Mr. B has passed away. He was found Tuesday, amongst the Encore Azaleas, looking as if he'd just decided to take a nap. Although deeply upset over our loss, we were thankful that he appeared not to have suffered any trauma.

He was around thirteen-years-old, and had spent the greater part of his life with Hester & Zipperer employees and customers. Always the gentleman, Mister B made friends with all, even those who might not offer affection to a cat. He was a little shy around children, but , if scooped up unexpectedly, would never put up a fight.

We are thankful that he was a part of our nursery and lives for such a long time, and hope that he has found acres of catnip thriving through an eternal Spring.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I just read the post about Mr B. i am sorry for the loss and I understand the sadness.

I volunteer for the Milton Project and I see many around WI. I dropped some donated food off for you a few months ago that we had donated. I hoped it helped. Kelley

Christine said...

Thank you very much, Kelly. The cats have enjoyed your donation. Mr. B was not a feral cat though. He lived with a woman in Jacksonville, and when she didn't want him, he came to Savannah with her neighbor. He lived a full and rich life with us. We miss him a lot, but he went very peacefully.

Christine said...

oops KellEy