Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Company

This time of year one must expect company, and Hester and Zipperer has some simple ideas for making guests feel comfortable in your home. Whether your house is the Ritz Carlton or the Ritz Jones, taking hints from hotels is a good idea when planning for friends and family. After all, they thrive on making people feel welcomed.
Take a look at your house from your guest's point of view. Is your entry way clear of debris, or is there a chew toy, tricycle, and Weed Wacker in their path? Elements like attractive containers,lanterns, and even signs tell guests you have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. You've planned for it. You've decorated for it. If you have no time to plant, stop by and place an order from our You Pick It, We Pot It service. We'll make something that perfectly suits your needs.
Now, consider where your guest is sleeping. A dresser in a guest room, or an end table in the living room, can serve as another welcoming station. Why not place some Savannah Bee Company lotion, soap, or bath gel out? These items would fit nicely on an attractive ceramic saucer, in a beautiful basket, or even in a simple terracotta pot! If your guest has traveled by plane, or had a long car ride,a fragrant candle might help them slip into vacation mode a little easier.(Come see and smell our new Trapp Candles from the World Gardens series.)They also make great souvenirs, because the scent will forever be associated with their time here.
The point is to personalize everything to their taste. Customizing is the name of the game. A little extra effort is all that it takes! (Ok...and a little money too.)

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