Monday, June 16, 2008

How To Get Your Buzz

Hester and Zipperer's new and improved monthly e-newsletter, The Buzz, went out to about one hundred of you recently. We are delighted to say that we've already received positive feedback from customers. We're using software called "Email Brain" to create our newsletters, and so far, it has enabled us to make leaps and bounds in our creative expression.

Those of you who read this blog may be wondering what The Buzz will have to offer. My answer is that the newsletter and blog will work together. For example, the newsletter will give you a month's glance at what we're up to at the store. It will contain our Wilmington Island location's schedule for its Saturday morning classes. It will suggest issues that should be addressed in the garden during that month. It will also offer information on new products and plants.

Our blog will offer more detail on the topics mentioned in The Buzz. It will provide links to other sites dealing with those topics. It will contain all sorts of photos (some more entertaining than informative), and it will illustrate all that gardening has to offer us.

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