Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday's Free Class Notes

Entertaining With Herbs Class Notes

Place Herbal Soap In Your Guest Bathroom! It is a lovely way to
carry your herbal theme evening through your home. Be sure to give
it a special soap dish. Your efforts will shine!

Serving cocktails before dinner is a good idea for two reasons. It gives your friends something
to talk about while you're rushing around, and it keeps you from taking it all too seriously.

Your Main Course-Turkey with Herbes de Provence and Citrus

Dessert! It's what everyone has been waiting for all evening!
Cherry Sorbet With Tarragon

If you don't care for Tarragon, you can use any herb you like! You could also use a combination of herbs to really wow your guests.

Finally, you want your friends to take home something to remember the great time they had. Flavored Vinegar is a good idea, especially if you served it on the salad they enjoyed. Students in our class received the recipe for creating this delicious infusion. Pour it into decorative bottles, and tape the cork in with black electrical tape. (Spills on the way home aren't the impression you want to leave.) Use a different shape bottle for each person. You could also use different colored bottles. When you bring them out on a tray, your friends will feel like royalty!

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