Wednesday, April 1, 2009

H&Z News In A Peat Pot

Many of you stopped by last week and found our store overrun with floral invaders. It seems that Mary-Ann dorked out and ordered 47,362 hanging baskets. We were shoving them everywhere. Customers were told to stand like the Bird Girl statue and hold them, those that visited our facilities may have found a Wandering Jew or Pothos creeping under their stall. They were every where! There is still a very good selection! Come get them before they steal our souls.

In other news, I found someone's creative expression with an ink pen on our counter yesterday. As much as I appreciate abstract art, I found their efforts unsatisfactory. The artist should keep an eye out on their kitchen counter for my own artistic endeavor.

We are busy putting together containers for the Savannah Garden Expo! That group of pots and hanging troughs at the front corner of the nursery are not just forming a Plant Union. They are getting ready to to take their spots in the lime light. Please come and see our, dare I say KICK Aster exhibition garden!

A lot of you are coming in for mole cricket treatments now, but it is important to evaluate your lawns before deciding you have a problem. Moles don't mean mole crickets. Moles eat earth worms more than mole crickets. Also-you could have a fungus, not an insect problem. Got little mounds of dirt? Not necessarily mole crickets. Many insects that don't harm your lawn make them. Especially after a rain. So, remain calm, and we'll set you up with the right product.

It's going to be rainy today, so I'd like to invite all of you to come to the nursery today without your reading glasses. We'd really appreciate it if you would ask us to come out in a down pour and pick up each and every nursery pot to tell you the price. We REALLY like to read the tags with plant information in high wind and hail. Snow storms are even better! Luck folks in Fargo get all the breaks.

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