Saturday, April 18, 2009

Savannah Garden Expo-H&Z's Exhibition Garden

The Making Of The Mighty Hester & Zipperer

"We have to do the Garden Expo, Mary-Ann," I said a few months ago. "You know it's in the middle of Spring, right?" she cautioned.

Her step-dad, Buddy, designed and helped build the wood structure that would hold our pirate ship garden. I couldn't wait for the painting to begin. Before I was able to apply even a coat of primer, so much had to be done!

I thought I'd stain the floor panel of our vessel. Travis helped me, in the shade of the pine straw trailer, apply it with a roller. As I stood up to admire my work, I hit my face on the hitch of the trailer! Remember that busy day when I came behind the counter with ice applied to my face? Yeah, it was then. I told people that H&Z's very own Travis hit me. Was pressing charges too much? Naaaah.

Here Buddy and Mary-Ann raise the skull and cross bones during our setup at the Roundhouse.

Here are some pirates you might recognize at the Garden Expo's Preview Party!!!

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