Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christine MOPS Up At Islands Baptist Church

Mothers of Preschoolers gave a warm reception to Christine, Wednesday morning, when she arrived to give them a presentation on herbs. The busy moms were eager to discover uses for Parsley,Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme that didn't involve a song on an old mix tape.

Christine resisted the urge to launch into a Rodney Dangerfield routine up at the microphone and instead offered examples of herb arrangements that might inspire a creative update to Fall decor.
The MOPS were encouraged to post their questions and experiences on this blog, so that we can all benefit. Hopefully in the next few days we'll hear from them.

I want to thank the MOPS for allowing me to ramble on and for the lovely candle they gave me. I look forward to seeing them again at our Fall Festival which is Oct. 6th and 7th! It will be a treat for moms and kids alike. Ok...dads will have fun too!

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islandtoad said...

Hey Christine,
Thanks so much for speaking at MOPS. I'm inspired!!! We're having a big 50th anniversary party for my folks on Oct. 28. I want to make basket like the ones you showed us, but will the herbs be available the last week of Oct.?

Hester and Zipperer said...

Although many herbs will still be around by then, I would consider which herbs you would like to add to your basket. Basil might be one to grap sooner than later. Mint is another on that you might grab soon. Rosemary,Lavender, and Thyme are usually around through the winter. I am off Mondays,Thursdays,and Sundays, but if you'd like my help, I'll be there on the other days to assist.

Happy 50th to them!!!
F.Y.I. Rosemary symbolizes Remembrance!

islandtoad said...

Thanks, I hope to come by on Oct. 7 with the kids for the fall festival. I'll check out the herbs while the kids 'moon walk'!