Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome Ya'll!

Welcome to Hester and Zipperer’s
New and Improved Online Location

We are happy and excited to offer you this convenient lawn, garden, and gift resource. With its arrival in cyberspace, we look forward to developing an online community of gardeners, gabbers, and gurus that understand and want to learn more about gardening in the South.
This portal to plants and doorway to design will support our stores, on Skidaway Road and Wilmington Island, with seasonal articles on a variety of garden issues. There will be no worrying about whether the advice you’re reading applies to your region. It will be written especially for you! We will also bring you innovative decorating ideas that will suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.
Our yards greet the world before we even open the door, and that can weigh heavy on our shoulders. Lay down that burden right here, because we will help you. Whether your goal is to impress company, yourself, or the people that might buy your house, we’ve got what you need!

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Kphil said...

I just love your store on Wilmington Island. Everyone is always so friendly and especially helpful. I was just in the other day and the store was so beautiful. Thanks and keep up the great work!!
Your favorite customer-