Friday, September 28, 2007

Organic Question Answered by Christine

We are striving to carry more and more organic products. Many of our customers ask for chemicals that they've used for years, and they're reluctant to make a change.I feel, however, that if you can use a product that is kind to the environment AND effective, why nuke the ecosystem?
Here are some organic products we're fond of:

Organic One Fire Ant Killer-Excellent! We use it around the nursery all the time!
Triple Action-Insecticide,Miticide,Fungicide. In concentrate and RTU Spray
Corn Gluten Lawn/Garden Fertilizer(9-0-0)It also has some weed preventative qualities.
The list is endless for fertilizers:bonemeal,bloodmeal,muriate of potash,fish emulsion,liquid iron,and more.
Come in, and we can recommend something specific to your needs!
If you're interested in other "GREEN" products,use the search box on this blog to search eco-friendly sites on Google.

Thanks for writing! -Christine


JT Hawk said...

Thanks for the information. Ive heard Gluten works on weeds as well, but you have to time it just right.
Is the garden guy on the radio who says to mix diet coke, amonia, koolaid, etc a quack or is he on to something?

Hester and Zipperer said...

Without having heard that particular garden guy, it's hard to say for sure. We have customers that ask us that sort of thing a lot. I think going that route is a bit silly. It's like a scavenger hunt for what you need, and none of it is designed for your yard. I can't believe that it is cheaper,as far as the time or money you spend,either. The last thing that concerns me is that you have to mix all of these things together, and that widens the margin for error quite a bit.
I say save the Koolaid for the delicious beverage you'll enjoy AFTER your gardening is complete.

Thanks! -Christine