Friday, February 15, 2008

Garden Centers Bring Up More Than Flowers

Garden Centers are constantly striving to be more than stores. To be successful, they must become part of the community. To do so, many form partnerships with local charities,schools,and businesses.

Hester and Zipperer is taking this approach on a number of different fronts. Hester and Zipperer employee, Kristen Phillips is working with Wilmington Island's May Howard Elementary to establish an outdoor classroom. It will serve as a learning tool and directly relate to the students' curriculum. Members of May Howard's faculty, as well as other volunteers, are hoping to make this a prototype for other schools throughout Chatham County.

Hester and Zipperer has also worked to address the ferral cat problem on Wilmington Island by accepting donations for a spay and neuter fund residing at Island's Vet Care. While funds exist, Wilmington Island residents can humanely trap ferral cats and use the fund to have them fixed. (Contact Island's Vet Care at 897-1121 for more info on procedures and prices.)To facilitate this process, the Wilmington Island location also lends out a "Have a Hart" trap free of charge. We also sell them if you want one for your very own.

Customers should watch out for products benefiting national causes like the fight against breast cancer.

Hester and Zipperer employee, Alex Brown, spent Friday setting up a display of pink garden tools that will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These are wonderful gifts for the lady in your life, and also a cute way to introduce a little girl to the garden. (If you know a guy who likes pink-hey...)

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