Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ring Around The Organically-Grown Roses

There are people that grow everything organically, and there are people that grow roses. People who do both are a rare breed. I almost consider them a Fairy Tale group of gardeners that work with magic wands rather than trowels. They've got their own spells, or recipes, for fertilizers, soils, insect repellents, and more. One of these magic formulas I will share with you today. This came from a former employee of ours, and tales of its success are still coming in.

Per Rose Bush

3 cups of dehydrated cow manure
5 cups alfalfa meal
1/3 cup bat guano
1 cup bone meal
1 cup cottonseed meal
1/4 cup blood meal
1 cup triple super phosphate

This would be a lovely time to pick up a Knock Out Rose at H&Z and try it out!

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