Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Good To Be Back!

Well, I've made it back from my internship at Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary, and it seems that I've come back to wonderful gardening weather! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 80 degrees! God Bless the South. Remember that Mother Nature can be fickle though. We are not out of danger for frost until around St. Patrick's Day. That being said, there are plenty of plants in stock that are just aching to make your yards look great.

Butterfly gardeners can get an early start with our gallon pots of Scabiosa. The lavender blooms, also called Pincushion Flowers, stand on wire-like stems and give a sense of whimsy to a landscape. Of course, that reliable work horse, Lantana, is also available to feed your butterfly cronies. Gardeners not familiar with the newer dwarf varieties should come check them out, because they can be accomodated by small gardens and containers easier than their massive counterparts.

Caladium and Elephant Ear bulbs have just arrived, and there are varieties for almost every lighting situation. These trobical looking beauties make excellent backdrops for flowers like Begonias and Impatiens that will arrive later in Spring.
A garden spot that stays moist, has soil rich in organic matter, and protected from strong winds is ideal for both Caladiums and Elephant Ears, and don't forget that they can make striking additions to containers. Monthly fertilizing is a good plan to keep their foliage healthy.

If your New Year's Resolution is to eat healthier, than we can help. Let us show you how to plant an attractive container of salad greens, or better yet, have one custom made! You'll also want to keep an eye out for fruit trees that will be arriving in the nursery soon. Of course, our recent shipment of Citrus can hold you over until then. Don't forget to ask about the proper fertilizer as well.

Lastly, Valentine's Day is approaching. This would be a good time to ask your gardening sweetie what they might enjoy for their plot. Don't forget good gifts like bird houses,bird feeders, and bird baths!

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