Sunday, September 14, 2008

H&Z Hits Green Fest 2008

Mary-Ann and I got the chance to show off our expanding selection of environmentally responsible garden products this Saturday at Green Fest. The Trustees Garden event took place on an incredibly hot day, but it didn't affect the enthusiasm of the "shiny, happy, people" eager to demonstrate how small actions mean big results when protecting the environment.

Our biggest response no doubt came from our Flea Destroyer. You have heard me chatter on about it in our store and on this blog. It is an extremely effective way to solve problems with mole crickets, grubs, fire ants, fleas, and more. Other vendors like Coastal Pet rescue will be putting it to the test, and we hope to bring you more about their results in future posts.

The Black Pearl Pepper also stopped traffic quite a bit. The perfectly round fruit capable of burning your face off is surprisingly good at attracting beneficial insects to your garden. It's deep purple foliage compliments about anything you could put in the dirt next to it, so don't discard it if you're simply into fleurs.

Happily, Mary-Ann and I made some cool contacts that just might be showing up at our Fall Fest this year. In some cases, we are working on material for new classes to be held at other times. If there are certain topics that you would like to see covered, please post on this blog and let us know. We are anxious to start a dialogue with our customers to better serve your needs.

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