Tuesday, September 23, 2008

California Is Saving Table Scraps

Parents spend a huge amount of time and energy trying to get their kids to make happy plates. We're all familiar with phrases like, "Starving kids in Africa would be happy to eat that!" My maiden name is Fuller, so my dad's favorite was, "Eat a little more. You'll be a little Fuller." These wily attempts by parents are likely decline in California thanks to a new program which asks residents to save their table scraps.

Green counter top compost bins, with tight lids, are being distributed to people. They are told to collect the green waste and dump it into a larger can that remains outside. These larger cans are then taken to a large composting site! Think of how much WON'T be headed to the landfill?

Savannah residents can take charge of their own table scraps by purchasing their own counter top compost bin. Hester & Zipperer has been carrying these for about six months. They are a handy size that can be slid under a sink or into a pantry. There is no fear of bugs or odors! The tight lid keeps everything cozy inside!

Table Scraps To Fine Wine

LA Times Article About Scrap Collection

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