Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Dreaded Mole. Molie, Molie, Molie.

Moles make homeowners want to pull their hair out. They can make one's yard look like a BMX track in a single day. As someone who is in the position of solving this problem for people, I've found it difficult to say that one solution surpasses the rest. Some customers have success with sound emitters, others do the job with bait, and still others rely on traps.
Personally, I feel that stepping on the tunnels, to prevent grass roots from becoming exposed to air, is about as effective as the products on the market for this purpose. The bonus is that it is free. Compare that to the number of moles in the neighborhood, and homeowners could save a pretty penny.
Now, if moles are becoming a problem in shrub and flower beds, a physical barrier is an excellent solution. I've found another blog dedicated to solving mole problems, so click here to learn more.

Bulb and Flower Cages

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