Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inflatable Judy At The Low Country Living Home & Garden Show

Inflatable Judy and I wooped it up with Erica Glasener from HGTV's "A Gardener's Diary".
Erica's blow-up doll didn't make the show, because she had a nasty incident with a Knock Out Rose.

After catching up with Erica, Judy decided she wanted to see what the rest of the show had to offer. This riding lawnmower sure made Judy smile.It's always nice to have a cocktail after mowing the lawn. Judy found a nice Margarita to quench her thirst. Judy also found a nice man to hold her up while she drank them.

We've all been there, right? You have a few too many at a trade show and boom right on the tookus! Judy was so embarrassed, but I tried to console her. "Nobody saw," I said. She knew though. Even in her drunken state, she knew.

I suggested she get some water. You know how drinking cocktails dehydrates the body.

She was feeling a little deflated.

And, well, after you've had a lot of water, there is nothing better then a toilet with an automatically closing lid.

They couldn't fill it with water, because she would just float out-I mean the hot tub, not the toilet. Actually, it might be a problem in either situation.

Judy is nothing if not a social butterfly. Here she is visiting the Orkin man. Apparently, Judy was one pest that he rather enjoyed. They talked for hours about bugs. Okay, just a few minutes.

Judy has a sweet tooth, so we had to visit the Girl Scout booth and pick up some Thin Mints. This young lady was taken with Judy right away. I think Judy might like to be a den mother some day. The camp fires could be dangerous though.

Judy had a nice chat with the guy from the "Shamwow" booth. His product couldn't be photographed because of some copyright issue. He was more than happy to put his arm around Judy's shoulder though. I wondered if they had met before.

Hope you have enjoyed Judy's trip to the trade show. Judy is available for public speaking engagements and is much less likely to have a panic attack then me.

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michelle said...

gosh we just love Judy.