Monday, January 26, 2009

That Was A Close One-Pheeeeew.

Speaking at Home & Garden Show Almost Kills

I was so ready. I wasn't nervous before going on. "Gardening is about people, not plants," I would say. It would be fine, I just knew it. For the uncensored version of my speaking gig, just click here. To type it all out here would break Mary-Ann's rule about cussing behind the counter.

At the end of the day, I was happy with my talk. It was my first public speaking, and I feel like I was able to pass on some good information. A lady from Michigan said that she really liked what I said, and that she was going to look at her yard differently from now on. So, it makes the post-traumatic-stress disorder worth it.

Plants Should Fit You Like A Glove
Back to the gardening is about people thing. Choosing
plants isn't about picking cool plants and then swearing on a copy of Southern Living that you will
take care of them.

Don't pledge to change your behavior for your plants. Choose plants that fit your behavior. Below I have a list of questions. If you show up to buy plants with the answers written down, you'll be in great shape.

  1. I enjoy working in the yard. Y / N
  2. How many hours can I easily spend hand watering, grooming, and fertilizing plants?
  3. The area that I'm looking to plant has _____hours of direct sunlight.
  4. I would call my style: funky formal tropical cottage
  5. I have ______dogs. Specify breeds.
  6. I have ______kids. Specify ages.
  7. The best vacation I ever took was________________________.

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