Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Numbers Show Up For Pruning Advice

Were you at the pruning class held at the Wilmington Island Hester & Zipperer last Saturday? Tell us what you thought of it by posting a comment here. Do you have your own pruning stories to share? Email us stories and photos: hesterandzipperer@hotmail.com

Those of you that missed our class can also post questions, and we'll be glad to answer them.


Hester and Zipperer said...

Below is some feedback we received via an email. I'm posting this for her.

First, thank you from my husband Rob!! He greatly appreciated your wonderful workshop on pruning. Maryann is so fabulous and professional.

Idea for a workshop which will go over sooooooo well with island dwellers:

"Critter-free Gardens"....Loved your mole display and I know how "deerly unbeloved" those deer can be.

Thanxiously awaiting the next workshop!!

Hester and Zipperer said...

Critter-free gardens? I am not sure there is such a thing, unless you're talking about roof-top gardens. Let us think about this one.