Friday, February 20, 2009

Sharing At Hester & Zipperer

One of the best things about a stroll through the garden is the smell of fresh herbs. One brush through their leaves and you're instantly on a trip back in time. Are you visiting your grandmother's tomato gravy that had hints of basil and oregano? Maybe you're thinking about how lemon and mint combined in your Nanna's sweet tea.

If you're looking to bring herbs into your garden and your kitchen, then Hester & Zipperer on Skidaway Road can help. Saturday, March 21st, from eleven to two, Susan Reece will be offering live cooking demonstrations as well as complimentary samples of aromatic dishes that are inspired and infused with fresh herbs. Guests will also receive recipe cards so they can prepare their favorites at home.

Herbs are easy to grow and thrive when clipped for frequent use! Don't miss this chance to experience what they can do for you!

Seed, Sprout, and Swap

Many of you are saving money and having a whole lot of fun sprouting seeds. Our Wilmington Island store has heard your stories of too many sprouts of one particular plant. You didn't think you would be so good at this, right? Now you have thirty tomato sprouts and you'd really like some squash or cucumber instead.

Let's solve this problem with a sprout swap. The Wilmington Island Hester & Zipperer will leave room on its bulletin board for swap offers. They should look something like this:

Hi, my name is Gertie Greenbottom. I have 12 Better Boy tomato sprouts I'd like to swap. If you have ___________, _____________, or __________ to trade, please call me at ###-####. (If you're open to other sprouts than those mentioned above-say so.)

Make the paper with your phone number or email address on little tear-offs on the bottom. Give to the person at the counter of our Wilmington Island store, and we'll tack it up for you. If you're out of sprouts, let us know, and we'll take it down. (912-897-5581)

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