Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunshine My Only Sunshine

Finally, I'm being reminded of why I moved to this lovely climate. With this warm weather comes the urge to get out in the yard again, but what can you do? Think about some mixed containers. You don't have to go crazy. Just spice up the joint a bit.

Now remember that Valentine's Day is coming up. Ask that special someone about there favorite color, and incorporate it in your plantings! For those of you with relationships that work on the point system, there is no doubt that you will score big with this extra effort.

Just decide where you'd like the containers, and pay attention to the amount of direct sunlight it would receive. We can recommend some beautiful plants based on your light situation.

No time? Don't worry. We also have fresh Cyclamen blooming now. Put them in a basket, and you've got an instant gift. We can also arrange plants in a larger basket to make a nice gift that can be disassembled and planted outside.

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