Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memorial Day Sales!

Can you believe this chilly May weather in Savannah? Well, Summer is coming no matter how far the mercury may fall. We've got some exciting new merchandise in stock, and some hot sales.

Those of you that loved those brightly colored metal lizards and crabs we had last summer need to stop by! Not only are they back, but they've brought along huge fish friends! I'm thinking of picking something up for my dad for Father's Day!

While you're here, check out our 50% off section including:

Small Fountains
Solar Lighting
Mood Light Bug Repellent
Rechargeable Candles
Wine Bottle Holders
Motion-Activated Croaking Frogs

Of course, listed on the right side of this page, are still on sale. Don't miss out. We couldn't be having better weather to get them in the ground!

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