Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm using this photo of Dr. Lester, from Islands Vet Care, to illustrate a deer in the headlights. Don't let Mother's Day catch you off guard!

Here are some ideas for the woman that brought you in to this world,
and just might take you out!

ORCHID - easy to care for and makes a great impression!
WATER GLOBE - like the ones on TV! Mom's like glass stuff.
AFRICAN VIOLET - Moms like stuff that reminds them of their mom.
SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY - Whether it is honey or lotion,
this is a great gift for moms out of town.
FRUIT TREE - This gift only works if you plant it for her. They're 50% off during May!
OUTDOOR SEATING - She needs a nice place to relax and think about you!
HERBS - Cause she cooks better than your wife. Shhhhhh.
NEW CONTAINER TO PLANT - Don't let your mom run out of pots!

As always, we've got gift cards ready and waiting for the hard-to-please mother.

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