Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain Can Be A Pain

Gardeners need rain, but we didn't ask for it all at once, did we? Chances are that today you had time to get out there and see what has happened to your plants. With so much water, there are some things to keep in mind.

Those of you growing tomatoes need to watch out for leaf fungus. If you have spotted leaves, please cut a sample and bring it to the store for review. We can suggest a treatment if necessary. Also, keep up with your garden maintenance. Prune overgrown plants, and make sure to disinfect your pruners between plants. You don't want to carry spores from one plant to another.

Be mindful of your sprinkler settings. It seems obvious, but you should not have your sprinkler watering when we've had so much rain. Take time see if anything even needs water.

Those of you with lawn fungus can stop by the store for some granular or liquid fungicide. Both are available and useful during wet times like this.

You may have become aware of standing water in certain areas of your yard. Now is the time to improve drainage in these areas by building up the soil, or adding sand to areas that are too mucky.

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Cheryl's Office said...

The Department of Agriculture has some tips on plants that deter harmful insects, and there are a number of excellent books on the topic – many of which I’m sure are available at your local library. Here are some useful tips from the home and garden section of the Department of Agriculture website...