Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excuse Me While I Slip Into Something Christmas-ie!

As we scoop the last of the Sweet Potato Souffle out of a chilled Corning ware dish, and digest the time spent with family and friends, it is time to change gears once more. It's time to climb the attic stairs,fiddle with fake snow,and, for crying out loud, set our hearts aglow!

Feeling Grinchy? A little bit?

It's understandable. There's a lot to think about and a lot to do. It is for that reason that I've made this list of typical holiday woes, and how WE can solve them!

In no particular order...

My mom is coming to town, and she's this super gardener. My thumb is black! My house is as cold as a doctor's office! Help!

No problem! You just need a little color! Our Poinsettias are in! A LOT OF THEM! We also have these cool decorative tins to doll them up even more!

Oh, and as for the bologna about them being poisonous?

Ok, I have pets. They mess with my house plants and decorations. How can I make my house festive and animal resistant?

Tricky, but not impossible! These tin signs are a charming option!

I always forget to water my Christmas Tree! Then, when I do, I have to move all of the presents and decorations! Isn't their an easier way?

You bet there is! For $19.99 you can buy the Ever-Green Seasons watering system! It looks like a present beside your tree, but pumps water into your tree stand!

I cannot make a bow to save my life!

Mary-Ann can make you a bow that will make you want to slap your mama, and look at all of the ribbon you can choose from! BOW-daceous!

How can I protect my tender plants from a freeze? That way they still look great for company?
You need a "Planket". It's the material used by professional growers! No more throwing heirloom quilts over orange trees and Sponge Bob Square Pants sheets over the Petunias! Don't make your yard look like a flea market! Use what the pros use!
La Planket!


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