Friday, November 9, 2007

Kristen Speaks to Whitemarsh Garden Club

Every woman knows that it is all about the shoes, and our Kristen got to try on a new pair that was given to her by the Whitemarsh Island Garden Club. Colored with more personality than Lady Chablis, the formerly-canvas loafers made Kristen feel like Dorothy in Oz.

The garden club members were not witches, but wise-cracking women ready for a good time.

We're not talking styro-foam cups and Chex Part Mix. Oh no! A snack associated with Super Bowl parties and March Madness would not suffice for these stylish dames.
China, or at the very least dishes that would shatter, was brought out for She-Crab Soup,cucumber and tomato sandwichs,and some white wine. With all of the sensory stimulation, it's a wonder Kristen could remember her professional task to educate the merry group.Indeed she did, though.

Kristen covered everything from preventing cold damage to eye-catching Fall plantings. The garden club was understandably wooed by the golden blooms of the Cassia Tree, and who wouldn't be? They are stunning. They were also delighted by the "You Pick It-We Pot It" service Hester and Zipperer offers. They will likely be bringing in their containers, and searching for new ones, to be planted for the upcoming holidays.

Kristen sends her thanks for a wonderful time! It was very memorable.