Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lots Going On At Hester and Zipperer

Firstly, the good news is that our beloved Rosco is back!

It seems that Rosco has a night life of which we were not aware. He disappeared last weekend. While placing posters around the shopping center we learned that Rosco sits on the benches outside of the Oyster Bar and soaks up affection from the customers. We also learned that he was known as the "Papa John's Cat" and free chicken came along with that title! Finally, we learned that a kind soul brought Rosco home for a few days for fear that he might get hit by a car. We fear the same thing,and welcome a loving home for him. Still, we are glad he is here-where he receives love in spades!

The store continues to do custom potting and arranging for the folks in the surrounding neighborhoods. Kristen created this lovely arrangement to be used as a center piece for one of our clients.

The wonder of this type of arrangement is that it is so easy! Choose from our wide selection of baskets, pick your posies, arrange, and cover with moss. (To protect furniture from moisture,it is a good idea to line basket with plastic if it doesn't already contain a liner.)This arrangement should be made close to the time you will use it to ensure it looks its best.

Now for the SALES! They are hidden deep in this blog entry for the customers who truly deserve them! Heehee!

Select one gallon perennials-50% off
All Hanging Baskets-30% off
All Tropicals-75% off
All Halloween Decor-50% off
All Fall Silks-45% off

Don't forget that we have some fab Georgia Bull Dog gifts for the fans in your life! Mention the secret word on this blog, and you'll 10% off ANY purchase!

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